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Lagavulin Whisky - All You Need To Know

Lagavulin Whisky is a special form of whisky which originates from the village of lagavulin on the island of Islay in Scotland. What sets Lagavulin apart from other whisky is its unique flavors and notes. Typically a lagavulin whisky has the following notes and tones - smoky , peaty and with a hint of sea salt. Through this guide I will explain how the whisky industry has changed and benefited Scotland as well as discuss whisky in popular culture.

Lagavulin Whisky Introduction

Whisky originated from several hundred years ago and was thought to have been first brought over to the UK by the Irish. Islay quickly became a distilling hotspot and there were periods in time where there were distilleries dotted all over the Island. For many years Scotland was the main powerhouse producer of whiskys. However as time went on taxes and more restrictions were introduced on the production and sale of whisky. Ultimately this led to a reduction in the number of distilleries in Scotland overall and many started underground and counterfeit production across the Island of Islay. Small dens were setup in caves and in crofts in order to produce these forms of whisky. The authorities were not sympathetic to this and those found guilty would face hefty fines or jail time.

Since this time of restriction a number of laws and standards surrounding the production and sale of whisky have again changed. Currently there is a much smaller number of distilleries across Scotland but many older laws remain. For example in order for a Scotch Whisky to be classified as a real Scotch whisky it must be distilled in Scotland in a cask for at least three years. This is an important restriction or rule to keep in place as distilleries producing whisky have appeared all over the world from Czech republic to India and even Japan. Having whiskys produced in these different lands and countries has created competition for the traditional scotch as well as controversy as a result of new and pioneering distilling techniques which might not be viewed as traditional due to the techniques used in the distillation process.

International Whiskys

As previously aforementioned there are a number of different types of international whiskys that have been introduced despite the reduction in the number of traditional Scottish distilleries. In fact a Japanese whisky has previously been voted whisky of the year prompting controversy and speculation that some international whiskys could taste better or have more character than traditional Scottish whiskys.

Why lagavulin Whisky?

There are a number of different reasons why Lavulin whisky is one of the best whiskeys that I would recommend. One of the main reasons is that the Islays rugged weather and landscape come across in the deep peaty notes of the whisky. There are salty notes as well as peat and smoke that sets the whisky apart from other counterparts. Overall I would highly recommend lagavulin whisky as it brings with it a rich history , powerful flavour and an excellent sense of what Scottish whisky has to offer.

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